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First established in 1987 by Elias Jacques Khlat, “Eklat” was initially designed as a creative design house for printing materials, before entering the world of advertising and media in 1990 with different associates. In 1993 “Eklat Pictures” entered the production scene and produced many of the first animation advertisements in the Middle East. The business was booming; we became one of the first postproduction houses in the country. In parallel, and since the year 2000, “Eklat” conducted many development studies covering social and economical issues in Lebanon.

Over the years, that remit has grown from desktop publishing and postproduction to include production of corporate films, documentaries, TV commercials and music videos. In 2011, “Eklat Conseils” (communication & development) was born, with a new team of young and dynamic directors, cinematographers, technicians and researchers.

Since then, “Eklat Conseils” has focused on high-end corporate film production. We find this work remarkably rewarding. Being able to apply feature film production quality to TV, video and animation based projects give us a genuine sense of satisfaction as filmmakers. It is in our interest to provide our clients with the best “production value” possible to their projects. Workshops and training are also provided covering all “image” and “public relations” fields.

Since its foundation, “Eklat” has chosen its address in Tripoli, the second largest city in Lebanon after Beirut. Tripoli is known for its cultural inheritance and for its promising economical future… For us Tripoli is not a simple address, it is home.

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